Fresh Flower Shop

Fresh Flower Shop

Inspired by nature and the beauty, colour and vibrancy of flowers, while our signature "just picked from the garden style" may look natural and effortless, it is in reality, purely intentional.

In 2023 our micro flower farm was established due to our sense of responsibility to create a more sustainable business model as well as our desire to infuse seasonal creations with whimsical, textual touches and rare, often hard to find, flower varieties.

  Since then we have continued to expand, allowing us to offer even more stunning home grown blooms for arrangements, subscriptions, wedding, for use in our own workshops and design courses, as well as to dry for use in bouquets, wreaths and installations etc.   

Each season we will endeavour to include as many of our home grown flowers as we possibly can, only supplementing with imported flowers once our field is spent or outside of our own growing season.

During our growing season, from approx May - October we now offer Bi Weekly and Monthly subscriptions of our field flowers.

Curated into gorgeous palettes, saturated in colour and unexpected texture, our blooms are arranged into unique and fluid arrangements, designed to leave a lasting impression.



We currently offer delivery and collection of fresh seasonal flower bouquets and arrangements Wednesday– Friday in Cork City and surround

Overnight Delivery via our Courier is available for Fresh Flower Bundles. We Dispatch Fresh Flowers Wed-Friday.

(We can not ship floral arrangements, only bundles)

All orders for daily deliveries can be placed below here in our Fresh Flower Shop.

Orders must be placed by 12pm for same day delivery.


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