CSA Field Flower Subscriptions

CSA Field Flower Subscriptions

The Flowersmith Studio
CSA Field Flower Subscriptions 

At our Micro Cut Flower Farm, our journey began with a desire to infuse our seasonal creations with rare varieties of our favourite blooms, saturated in beautiful tonal colour palettes and whimsical touches. We are now able to supply the types of flowers we most desire to use for our Courses & Workshops, as well as our Wedding & Event work. We can also grow & dry specific varieties ideal for use in our dried creations.

Now, during our 2024 growing season, from June to October, we are proud to offer a Summer and an Autumn Weekly CSA Subscription for our Field Flowers, which have been cultivated sustainably and without the use of any pesticides.

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and by joining The Flowersmith Studio’s CSA, you will not only receive gorgeous locally grown flowers, but also become part of a community that supports sustainable farming practices.

Whether adorning a space of your own or given as a gift, the beauty of flowers has the power to create harmony, and uplift the spirit while promoting a relaxed and peaceful state of mind.

Plus, there are more benefits to our CSA Subscription. Additional perks include a 10% discount on any product purchases all year (in-person and online), and a first notice on all new happenings at our studio & farm

We're so honored to be able to grow beautiful, vibrant flowers that reflect the care we show them. But they wouldn't make much of an impact if we didn't have our community to share them with.

Taking part in a CSA is a simple and impactful way to create reciprocity between land-tenders and lovers of the locally-grown. Reciprocity - with the land we steward and among our community - is an integral part of the healthy functioning of The Flowersmith Studio.


Why choose a CSA subscription?

CSAs are commonly found in America and the UK and have gained popularity in Ireland in recent years - and for so many good reasons. The relationship that exists between a farmer and their CSA members allows all of us to thrive. By signing up for a CSA, you're agreeing to share risk with us. It's a demonstration of faith and trust - in the cycles of nature, and in your local farmer! In return, you're guaranteed a share of the harvest, and a product that you can feel good about.

When you sign up for a Flowersmith Studio Field Flower CSA, you receive more than just gorgeous local flowers. Additional perks include a 10% discount on any product purchases all year (in-person and online), and a first notice on all new happenings at our studio & farm.

Your early sign-ups allow farmers to buy seeds, tools, and pay staff when they are working when almost no revenue is generated because flowers aren't blooming yet. It's an act that invigorates and sustains the practices of farming. This is a direct way to vote with your euro, especially when you know your local farmer uses safe and sustainable growing practices. 



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